Major Coding Project: CS 151

Hotel Reservation System

By: Mike Bibb, Steven Leiker

For our major programming assignment this semester for CS 151 we had to design a hotel reservation system. The system has to have a login ui followed by the ability for a user to type in a check in date and a check out date followed by the type of room they want (an $80 room or $200). There are 20 rooms available so we have to keep track of how many have been reserved for the night and by whom. Then there is a manger view which shows a calendar. When a day is clicked a text view is shown that displays the available rooms for that day and the rooms that are booked for the night and by whom they are booked.

We started this a few days ago after having been assigned this project a good month ago. Nothing like a last minute rush to really get your ideas flowing.

As of right now 12/6/14 we are almost done. its 2am and we are calling it a night. This assignment is due in less then 24 hours and I work most of today. Going to get a little sleep so I can function at work and get back to the program. Hopefully the rest of it will be done quickly. We more or less just have to clean it up and write the documentation for it as well as some bug testing.

The rest of this will be written backwards as I try to remember these last few nights when we were coding into the early hours in the morning.