Blog Post 9: Course Reflection

Game Study
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I feel fortunate that I got to see games come from their very humble beginnings to the master pieces we have today. I got to see games like asteroids and Pacman be the very top and watch  rise to the fighting genre thanks to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Its been remarkable how fast and how far games have come. With that the study of gaming has come a long way too.

The class touched on many subjects and had good material to back it up. The videos we watched were very informative and helped me understand what all goes into game development. To top it all off watching a episode of South Park was the cherry on top. Not only do these videos keep me engaged but they explain the subject matter quite well.

Did we cover everything in the class and “read about games, write about games, play games and design games?” Yes, we did all of that. We read interesting and sometimes boring papers about games, wrote about games, watched videos about games. Overall I think we covered everything pretty well.

Lastly I would like to say this was a very interesting class. It forced me to learn about something I would normally not spend time researching. I have been playing games my whole life but I never studied them. This class was a great opportunity to delve into the working gears of game development. It really opened my eyes into the complexity and difficulty of making a game. And for that, thanks James.


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