Blog Post 8: Final Project

My final project will be a continuation of the game I created in game maker earlier in the semester. The game is titled “Necromancer” and is right now a platformer shooter.



In making this my final project I will be able to add a lot of little touches I didnt have time to do before hand. As of now I have added music and some sound effects to the game. The music is actually really good and I found it online free to use for non commercial projects. The music adds atmosphere to the game and makes it more pleasant to play. The sound effects are nice too and make the game a little more fun.

To make the sound effects I used a program called Bfxr which is free to use. They have a few template sounds you can use and tweak or you can play with all the dials and make something completely new.

Image result for Bfxr

My main goal for the final project is to have about 10 levels created with a story to go along with it. In creating these extra levels I need to also create a few more types of monsters for the player to get through. I have most of the mechanics down for the player but I still have some refining to do. 10 levels may be stretching it out a bit if I want to have fair but difficult levels but I am going to try.

I am working with my partner who did the art work for the earlier project. He again is doing the artwork and I will be doing most of the coding. He also helped out with the level design so he may be able to put together a couple of levels as well which would make getting to 10 levels easier.

Making a game is a lot of work and making a decent game is even more. I hope that there is enough time for me to get this out for the due date but I look forward to having to the challenge it provides .

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