Blog Post 6: Video Game Prototype



By Mike Bibb and Kurt Hamm

Click here for Game exe

Necromancer is a platformer action game in which you the player are the Necromancer who must get to the end of the level. As of now there is no story and no real goal except getting to the end of the level which will in turn start the next level. If you are level 1 you will go to level 2 and from there back to level 1.

To play the game currently: Move with the arrow keys. Jump with Spacebar. Shoot with the ‘A’ key. I will be changing this in future patches to the game to make the controls in line with most platformers of this type. (Space bar to shoot, up arrow to jump).

You want to kill or avoid the floating eyes and avoid the red spikes or you DIE! You only have 1 hp so hitting anything will kill you. You can also wall climb and will need to do this to get through the level.

I was the developer of the game, I did the programming, style of the game mechanics, and a bit of the first level. Kurt is the artist, he did the sprites and the overall look of the game. He also did all of level 2 (which is why it’s so hard).


Getting from the Alpha to the prototype was not too hard. With most of the mechanics programed into the game’s objects  and with the art style down all we had to do was make the levels and tune the movement of the character. Actually, for the alpha we only had 1 level and so making the second level transition actually took a little bit of effort, the same with the splash screen.

It’s really easy to make a hard game, what we need to do now is tune it a bit to make it more rewarding for the player. We need some easier levels to start off with so that the player can get used to the flow of the game. Then we can turn up the difficulty.

Watching people play our game was fun. I was surprised on how hard it actually is. For me the game is not too bad and I didn’t think people would get stuck like they did. I did not see anyone even get passed the first level! I had to take over and complete level 1 so the players could get to level 2.

I would like to further polish the game. I am not happy with the fall speed of the character, I would like the character to fall faster. I would also like to fix the shooting aspect as I feel you can shoot too fast. I would also like to add a melee attack to get at enemies who are closer. If we continue with this project for our final we will definitely add more enemy types and maybe also implement the summoning feature that I wanted (I want to be able to summon helper undead to fight for us).

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