Blog Post 2: Boardgame Lab

During our lab in class we played 2 games. The first was called “Liar’s Dice” (found here: which I fondly remember from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This game is a lot like poker in which you try to bluff the other players in what you have in your “hand”. It’s quite enjoyable, fast, and simple to play.

One of my hands in Liar’s Dice

The second game that we played and the one that I will be writing my session report on is called “Monopoly Deal” (found here: It is basically Monopoly without the board, dice, little game pieces, and going to jail. It was quite fun and leaves the same hate for your friends after they steal a win from you (I’m looking at you Alex).


My hand right before I thought I was going to win



“Monopoly Deal” Session Report: The game started out slowly as none of us save for Max knew how to play. He did his best to describe the game but it is hard to understand without actually seeing the cards and getting a feel for the rhythm of a turn. To start we all got five cards. I tried to read them but I had no idea what any did at this point, just that I had 2 cards worth 500 dollars and 3 others which I now know are properties.

The turn order went: Thomas, Alex, myself and Max. The first turns were nothing special as we were grasping to understand what a good move was. Each  turn you draw 2 cards and can place up to 3. Usually we first laid out any cash we had then started to set out our properties. Why cash first? Well if you don’t have any cash out on the table and someone charges you rent (a special card you can play) then they can take your properties as payment. The turns went on as we laid out cash then properties and Max offered us advice on what is a good strategy.

After a slow start I started to get the hang of the game and had 2 full sets of properties out and close to finishing my third (You need 3 full sets of properties to win the game). If everything played right I would most likely win on my next turn. However, the other players were not about to let that happen. Max played a card to take some property from Thomas and finished his turn. Come Thomas’s turn and I knew full well I wasn’t going to win. He laid out a few rent cards which depleted my cash flow. He finished up his turn and I was left exposed for Alex to finish me off. Now I do not remember how much she ended up taking from me cash wise but it was enough to kill off 2 whole property sets and half of my other cards. Without cash on the table to back me up I had nothing to stop her from bringing me back to where I was when I started.

Now the funny thing is when she did this she didn’t know that not only did she kill me off from wining but she had actually won herself. No matter what cards I would give her to pay I would have to give her a winning hand. None of us knew that she won actually except for Max. We looked over the cards, saw that she had 3 full sets and called it. Monopoly Deal is definitely a game you need to play once or twice to get a feel for it but once you do it can be real fun.


A friendship breaking card: steal a complete set of properties form another player.

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