Blog 9: Delivering a project and presenting to a multi-level audience

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest presenters of our time. He could grasp an audience within his hand and have them feed off of his every word and then beg for more when he was finished.

The effect he had on the world is astonishing. He took a failing Apple(the company not the fruit) and turned it into one of the most profitable companies in the world. He revolutionized electronics with the Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad. He had a special gift that would make you need to by the latest tech that he was releasing. He had a gift to make people crave his key-notes. He had the ability to shake up the world with a presentation. If you want to be a great presenter yourself, look no further than understand what Jobs did.

Graham Rogers wrote about Steve Jobs presentations skills, “But how does Steve do it? In effect there is no secret: it is just hard work. There are other significant aspects, like preparation, rehearsal and criticism; and the well-worn ideas of planning, starting with a piece of paper. It may also be a surprise to many, but the slides are prepared last” The secret to Steve Jobs presentations is that he worked extremely hard at it. Everything he said everything he did on the stage was written out, rehearsed and then re-done if it didn’t carry the impact that he so wanted.

What to take away from this is that if you want to be a good presenter you need to work hard on your delivery. You must know your material extremely well so that when you speak it is smooth and concise. My last keynote that I went to the CEO of a company acted like he never even seen the words on the teleprompter. He stuttered and miss spoke many times having to constantly go back and correctly say what he meant to. This coming from the CEO is an embarrassment to his company. Do be that guy who doesn’t know his stuff and end up in someones blog down the road.

Another important idea is to know your audience. Know who you are speaking to so that you can frame your presentation around them.

To present to an audience and to do it well you must know your material. And furthermore you must know the audience you are presenting to. Knowing your audience and how to present to them is part of the hard work that you must work on. Know your material, know your audience, and rehearse your stuff until your eyes bleed out. My last thought on presenting is to be passionate about what you are speaking. The passion you feel about an idea or product will come out in your presentation and make it all the more exciting for the people in the audience. They can feel your excitement and they will feed off of it.

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