Blog 5: LinkedIn profiles, how to use them, how to market yourself, how to network

In today’s world we have many ways to market ourselves to potential employers, investors, and clients. The important part to take from this is that we have complete control over how we are viewed by others. The Myspace (or Facebook) of the professional world is LinkedIn. Like the other social networks you are able to post a great deal of information about yourself. Unlike the others however, you don’t post how crazy you can get at parties or how much you can drink. You post your technical abilities, experience, and former jobs. It’s like an online resume that anyone can see (as long as your profile is public). The other great thing about LinkedIn is that you can be connected to other professionals in fields that you work or would like to work. This is actually amazingly powerful because it gives you an inside to a potential job. If you have questions about a specific job or want some information about a position you can follow a person who holds that position and be able to talk with them about it, as long are they are willing of course.

 With LinkedIn we are able to market ourselves, easier and more powerful than any time before. We are able to connect to people in a meaningful, professional way that will help your grow in your career. With LinkedIn we are in charge of who we connect with and how potential employers see us. To see how important LinkedIn can be here is an excerpt from a Forbes article, “To put a sharper point on it: If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, you’re nowhere. Partly motivated by the cheaper, faster recruiting he can do online, Campagnino plans to make as many as 40% of his hires in the next few years through social media….. e. If you’re serious about managing your career, the only social site that really matters is LinkedIn.”

From my personal use I have enjoyed a wide range of support from many people whom I cross in my daily life. Customers who I have known for years give me endorsements on LinkedIn all the time making my profile look better and better with each passing day. One or two might not mean a whole lot but with all the support I get from friends and colleagues it makes my profile look a great deal better. To a potential employer this could mean the difference between getting an interview and being passed over.

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Hempel, J. (2010, March 25). How LinkedIn will fire up your career. Forbes.

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